What to Expect


Every massage is taylored to your needs. Tell me if you'd like anything from light to deep pressure.

Essential Oils

Lavender is always on tap!

I am happy to use essential oils throughout your massage.

Lavender is usually the only oil I carry. 

Hot Towels

Warm towels are used across the back, around the feet, and around the face. The warmth is a great way to relax the body and melt those muscles down to work out the knots more gently.


Cupping is an ancient Egyptian and Chinese remedy for healing a variety of diseases. I use cups in a scraping motion which also creates the gua sha effect. This promotes blood flow, lymphatic drainage and so much more!

Cupping is upon request only.

Hot Stones

Massages include use of a synergy stone. This stone is heated and helps work out tension with the most relaxing effect.

Types of Massage

I incorporate several modalities to create a massage that fits your needs. This may include effleurage, energy work, kneading, neuromuscular release, lomi lomi and more.