Massage is not just a luxury

Massage is therapy. It is healing for the body, mind, and soul. It is time to renew your strength and energy. It is time to relax your mind and muscles. It can remove you from the day and take you into a dimension of peace on a higher level. Massage allows you to revive and gives you a fresh start.

If you do not have any serious issues or disabilities the goal is to keep you maintained with one massage a month. If you need/ like more massages in a month that’s great and encouraged. If you think massage costs too much and therefore it is simply a luxury, keep reading. Most massages are less than $100!! Do some research in your area and see for yourself. Even mobile massage may be around $100 for an hour, which makes it convenient and simple.

With benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety, improving circulation, boosting mental health and wellness why would this be considered luxury? In fact, massage is so widely known to facilitate healing naturally that it is used in several countries, and it goes back 5,000 years!! Massage is an ancient form of healing and balancing the body, mind, and soul.

While many spas claim to be luxurious, they are usually seeking higher-end clientele. If this doesn’t fit your description, no worries. There are so many massage therapists who are sole proprietors looking for your service! Look for a therapist that fits your needs. Try several until you find one or two who you want to continue treatments on you. Remember, massage is like going to the gym- it may take several visits for you to feel the difference. Look for my next blog that explains how to find your massage therapist!

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