Creating the best space for an in-home massage

Creating space for your in-home massage can be a fun experience. Your massage therapist should have everything necessary for your massage, but what can you do to create the most relaxing environment? I like the thought of appealing to all the senses. Take a minute, close your eyes and relax. Think about the most Zen place in the world. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear? Let’s start to create based on what brings you peace and joy.

During a massage you won’t have your eyes open much, so a dimly lit room fits the description for your sense of sight. Dark or blackout curtains can help block the light from coming in. However, your massage therapist will need to see somewhat. There are several types of lighting that can help without being too abrasive. Salt lamps have a light glow and emulate relaxation. Moon lamps display several color options and can be dimmed or brightened. There are also small projectors that splay starry skies, water, the aurora borealis, and more around the entire room. Maybe a candle or two is all you need. There’s nothing wrong with a good candle as it covers two senses in one! Daytime massages might take a little more finagling to get the lighting just right. These are just some ideas to get your imagination rolling.


What smells give you the warm fuzzies? Maybe different smells for different seasons are your jam. Maybe you find comfort in lavender and chamomile. Soy candles are a great option, but make sure they are out of the way of the therapist! Wax warmers are a nice touch, just make sure to turn them on a bit ahead of time so the smell is being emitted during your massage. I would steer clear of incense as it strong and invasive. A room or linen spray is a slightly invigorating option. Lastly, a diffuser is a perfect choice. You can choose any essential oil you’d like and even mix oils to your liking! Take your pick and make your room smell like tranquility.

Your massage therapist should have their own music, but you aren’t required to listen to just one playlist every massage. Also, what if it’s not music you can relax to or just don’t enjoy? I suggest music without lyrics. There is spa music, singing bowls, and Lo-Fi (my current favorite). Create a playlist that mellows you out. What goes on outside of your massage can change your tone of peace as well. What I mean is do you have children running around screaming? Dogs barking? Spouse on a zoom conference? Try and find the quietest, darkest room of the house to receive your massage. Less chaos equals more relaxation. White noise machines work wonders in the background of the massage music. White noise is said to lower anxiety and enhance sleep.

To be honest, the most important thing is to create space in your mind and heart. Prepare your body by proper nourishment and care. Release your problems before you touch the massage table. When you lay down take a moment to feel your body. Start from the top of your head and slowly (mentally) feel down to your feet listening to it. What aches? What is tense? Take a deep breath into these things and when you let out your breath release all tension. Now slow your breathing and melt into the table. Enjoy your massage!! It’s your turn to love on YOU!!

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