10 Reasons why you should get an in-home massage

1. Create your own ambiance.

You have the power to create your own ambiance. Choose your room. Some clients even use their bathroom for massage! Which makes perfect sense. If you need to use the restroom your therapist can simply step out of the room. The point is to find a room that makes you feel comfortable. You may want to choose a room without a lot of windows, as dim lighting helps create a more relaxing scene. If your massage is in the evening or the room feels too dark use a dimmer switch, LED lighting, candles, or salt/moon lamps.

If you’re sensitive to smells, thank God you’re at home! Choose to go scentless or use an aroma that’s pleasant to you. There are so many options to make your space smell wonderful. There are essential oils to diffuse, candles, wax warmers, sprays and more. Continue to intrigue your senses! Your massage therapist should provide music, but if you have your own playlist feel free to use it. This is your massage, make the most of it!


2. Don’t worry about getting ready.

Your massage therapist is not there to judge you. In fact, we may be a little jealous that you’re still in your pajamas when we arrive. All jokes aside, please don’t feel obliged to get all dressed up as if you’re going out in public. No makeup, pajamas, messy hair…it’s all welcome!! Be yourself, be relaxed.

3. No driving home massage-drunk.

Your day is already busy enough, so who wants to get in a car and fight traffic, then search for parking only to go inside to be told to wait for your massage in the “relaxation room” with a bunch of strangers?! Your time is precious and that’s a lot of wasting time…not to mention gas. Don’t get flustered before even getting on the table. You could’ve been at home still in your pjs, drinking fresh coffee while reading a good book. How nice would it be to get onto the massage table already in a state of bliss and comfort?!

Once your massage is completed you don’t have to worry about smeared makeup, lines on your face or messy hair. There’s also no driving away massage-drunk. Enjoy your state-of-being and come-to on your own terms. No rush of back to reality. Just relax. Just be.

4. Children & Pets are welcome!

You have children and/or pets which makes traveling to the spa difficult. No babysitter? No petsitter? No problem!! Being at home allows you to be there for your babies. Keep your newborn beside you. Scheduling massage during naptime could be a great option. Turning on a movie for younger children and giving them a little break is also a great time for you to break. If you have a significant other, you can take turns with massage and watching the littles!

Your pets will also be at ease knowing you are home and still in their presence. Don’t waste money on a sitter to go to the spa. Stay home and relax knowing you are close by and easily accessible to those who need you the most. It won’t take long for your children and animals to get into this routine of seeing your massage therapist and understanding this is a calm, relaxing time for everyone.

5. Medical conditions, age, and disabilities shouldn’t stop you.

Massage is for everyone. Often, those who need it the most are unable to get out to receive massage. Mobile massage is usually the best route for people who have disabilities or issues working against them. Massage may be one of the few things that bring you relief. It shouldn’t be difficult to release your tension and ease your pain. That’s actually why a lot of therapists go into this field, because of people who truly need the help. We are here for you and are willing to go the extra mile to bring you a little peace and comfort. Be sure to discuss with your therapist what ails you and how they can help you make the best of your time. There’s no rush for time when you’re at home. A good therapist will make sure you are allotted the full time for your massage and leave plenty of extra time before and after to get you on and off the table with ease.


6. Quality massage awaits you.

Massages tend to be rushed in spas. Many times, when you pay for an hour, you only receive 50 minutes. This is so therapists have time to take notes, clean the rooms and get the next client. They don’t even have time to run to the restroom much of the time. They are rushed from one client to the next all day long. It’s wearing and turns into a cookie-cutter massage. When you receive a massage at home your therapist has time to relax and prepare on their drive to you. They aren’t rushed to setup their equipment and get you on the table, rather, they have the energy and stamina and are in the right mindset to give you their best. There is time to get to know your issues and discuss a plan with you. Therefore, your massage will be more customized to treat the things that you want to focus on.

7. Offering more massage modalities.

Having a massage therapist come to you allows them the freedom to use different types of massage to give you what you need! In spas, therapists are required to follow strict techniques and modalities. There are so many types of massage, and we are all trained in different areas. Therefore, an independent therapist can offer several options such as cupping, hot stone, reiki, thai floor massage and so much more. Creating a care plan can be so much more effective when several modalities are allowed. One in-home massage session could be like experiencing several different spa massages all rolled into one.

8. Easily create and stick to your self-care routine.

Your schedule is busy, I get it. It’s always go, go, go. You HAVE to make time for yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup. You deserve it anyway. Massage helps you focus and be more creative. It really gets your juices flowing so you can be at the top of your game. Even in your busy schedule you can open your door and show your therapist to your space so they can setup while you still do what you need to do. Simply take a break just long enough to relax, then get back to your life! It’s usually easier to book with an independent, mobile massage therapist as there is no middle-man. Their schedules are a little more open due to not having to work back-to-back all day long, but instead they create their own availability, which can include mornings, evenings, weekends, and sometimes holidays.

9. Have your friends over!

Having a get-together? Super bowl party? Set aside a room for massage. Your guests will be in awe when they turn up for the party and realize they are getting a massage while there. Take a little stress off your plate having to come up with ways to entertain. Mobile massage for parties can be with a massage chair for short 15-20 minute massages per guest or a massage table for 30-minute and longer massages. Give your guests a chance to become more relaxed. Your parties will be the talk of the town!

10. After massage care.

Ever feel slathered in oil when you leave the spa? Clothes sticking to your body? At home you have the ease of hopping off the table and getting straight into the shower. Better yet, run a soothing Epsom salt bath and soak with a good book or some relaxing music and candlelit ambiance. Take your self-care to the next level! Maybe your so zenned-out you feel catatonic. Crawl into bed! Curl up under a blanket and snooze!

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