Monthly Special

June 2020


Indian Head, Neck & Face Massage

Stones Massage

Offering bits and pieces of Champi throughout your massage. 

What is Champi?


Pronounced: Shomp-uh

Champi incorporates three principle strokes & techniques, including a form of acupressure. It stimulates nerve function creating better hair and skin health on the scalp. Champi increases concentration and alertness and improves your overall energy by balancing the chakras.

Champi addresses muscular tension of the neck and shoulders. Works for removing tension headaches, eyestrain, ear problems, sinusitis and mental fatigue.

Get ready to leave your tension behind! This massage will leave you on Cloud 9!

* Champi uses essential oils on the scalp, neck and face leaving a sheen tone on the skin and brightening the colors of the hair.

**This massage may be practiced with clothes on.

***Champi sessions run approximately 45min- 1hour, therefore I am only using portions of this massage throughout June to give you a feel for it.